Wednesday, July 08, 2020

More than a feeling, more than a month

 Somehow it’s been more than a month again. We celebrated Father’s Day, have been swimming, managed to see some fireworks from our car in the parking lot of a store, jack had oral surgery and has yet again restarted orthodontia, we continue to rearrange areas of the basement trying to make it function better As work, play and hang out space for the long haul, and we adopted two kittens! The kittens have really brought much needed joy right now. They are called bolt and Cheerio.

I decorated the porch for the Fourth of July this year too.

Mostly things are the status quo. We stay at home nearly all the time, although I did get Sam a hair cut (we were the only ones in there and we all wore masks), and we went to the library (again, it was very empty and everyone masked).

As soon as things started to reopen viral cases surged like crazy and numbers are higher than ever. Everyone is starting to talk about school reopening, and I have to say - even thinking about it feels like the early days when I was standing in total chaos in the middle of Costco wondering if the world was on fire. I want them to go to school - they want it and need it - but does it undo the last four months of staying home? Is it putting us all at extreme risk? Do I have the guts to put my kids on that bus? It’s causing sleepless nights. (Not to mention logistics - can they wear a mask all day? Where would we get enough substitutes? How risky is this for the teachers we love?) I keep seeing stories of mass spreader events like parties, and that puts the fear right back into the equation.

I think I’m doubtful we will go back right away anyway, and continue to hope a vaccine is imminent and will help us return to school. 

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  1. I can understand your feelings on starting back to school. I have a daughter who teaches first grade and has 2 1/2 yr. old twins at home. She has many questions about the start of the school year. We are in Ohio and our county and state has had a big upswing in the last week and a half. It is a scary time and also hope for a vaccine soon. Your kids are darling. Started reading your blog when Jack was starting school.


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