Monday, August 31, 2020

First day of school


The first day of school was today. I think we should call it the saddest pandemic day for me yet. 

No haircuts, no new outfits, no new shoes, no rush to catch the bus.

In fact, I sat on the porch and watched the bus drive by without my children in it and had a little pity party. The kids have ALWAYS gone to school, starting at age 2. 
Unlike me, they don’t care at all that they weren’t on the bus.

(Jack has decided he prefers glasses to contacts, but the blue coating was all you could see.) 

We’ve had computer issues (and the school says no more chromebooks). 

And I am back to driving jack to school every day for orchestra. It reminds me of the days when I had to drive him to school every day for kindy. That, too, was a difficult school choice, choosing the path only travelled by ten or so other parents in our entire district that year. I’m not sorry I did it. I’m sure one day I won’t be sorry I made this choice either. (It helps that during the ride he asks me about going to Stanford. He’s starting to dream of things beyond us! Hurray!) 

But, it did sting again at 430 when the schools started texting about how amazing it was to be back at school. 

Ah well. Someday they will all be at places like Stanford (god willing) and this, too, will be a rear view mirror memory.

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