Thursday, August 20, 2020

Time warp

Time continues to pass in the weirdest fashion. It’s both amazingly fast and excruciatingly slow. We swim every day. The yard skinks are fat from summer bugs. The weather is oddly amazing. Americans continue to die at alarming rates. Everyone continues to fight about everything - numbers, masks, schools, economy, leadership. 
I continue to be thankful the kids are mostly sheltered from this bullshit. 

It truly feels endless at this point. 

I upped my back to school theme this year with pillows and some glass ornaments. There are no buses coming for my children though.

The kittens continue to grow (and get in everything).
We played around with some costumes I found in the basement. The kids have grown SO MUCH during this. Inches for them both. I often wonder if it’s coincidence or if being at home has been that much better for them.
Bolt is completely bonkers.

The garden has given us so many peppers! Not enough tomatoes though. The plants are starting to look end of summer terrible. I’m hoping the last peppers turn before I need to replant the greens.

 One branch is starting to change already. 

Summer definitely feels long in the tooth already.

I logged into blogger to discover that after 15 years there is a new interface. Here’s hoping it’s working!

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