Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hapde burfday Grant!

Dear grant, 

Today you are 8! 

8 is great kid.

You’ve learned to ride your bike this week, had a not so great pandemic trip to the zoo, eaten donuts AND cake and enjoyed one last swim.

You’ve done an awesome job adjusting to pandemic life and school at home. There have been a few bumps (why didn’t you turn in any work?!?), but mostly you’ve just kept on keeping on.

You and Sam have really bonded having so much time together. And I, too, have tried to take extra time to enjoy this time we wouldn’t have normally had together at 7/8. 

You enjoy math, video games, youtube, rising at the crack of dawn, are always helpful, live on sugar, are starting to get sassy, are a friend to everyone, are endlessly curious, love pizza and stuffed animals  and hopefully gaining confidence. 

I can’t wait To watch you grow even more this year! Hapde burfday g man!