Thursday, December 03, 2020

Still here

It’s hard to believe we are still here, but here we are. 

We had Halloween. The kids trick or treated with masks, very few lights were on. I gave out candy on a table on the driveway. We carved pumpkins, watched movies, dressed up like Harry and hermoine. It was ok in the end. The kids actually declared it the best Halloween ever Bc I had prepared crafts and games in advance, just in case we had to make our own fun. And we did just that. 

We had to make second semester choices about school. It was no easier than the first time. We chose virtual again. It was the right choice, as our schools stopped requiring quarantine on thanksgiving week.

We had our big election. The lines were tremendous, even for weeks leading up to the actual day. And then the wait was long. It was joyous after all. 

We had thanksgiving. Just us but I cooked all the usual things. It was amazingly pressure free.

Things started to close again. No more library, business capacity limited, restaurants closing. Death numbers soaring. Toilet paper extinct again. In two days it will be 9 months since my kids got off the school bus for the last time. 

The Christmas trees are up, the advent calendar is going. Tomorrow I’ll go to Costco and make sure I have everything I need for Christmas dinner. Yes, it’s early. But you never know what will be closed when right now. (Often there are no employees).

Several vaccines are at the fda for emergency approval. Maybe by March I’ll be in the pre existing conditions group and be able to get in the line. My kids look forward to having a friend over. What a strange thing. 

There is still this weird thing where mostly it feels ok, but there are hard moments. I just keep sewing and cleaning and cooking and teaching  and just one day at a time. (I took epic Xmas card photos.)

Xoxoxo to anyone still reading