Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hapde burfday Sam!

 My dearest Samantha,

Today you are 10! 

At 10 you are: 

Developing a much more mature attitude 

Still into art 

Always with a book, a pile of books, heaps of books (the library closure has been a little bit of a challenge)



A font of knowledge (gleaned from all those books) 

Starting to enjoy video games as much as your brothers (and maybe the most tech savvy kid when it comes to the nuts and bolts)

Growing! Finally into a size that matches your age 

Not the least bit interested in things like combing your hair (cough), fashion, or makeup 

Obsessed with Mac n cheese but starting to branch out and not complain about trying new foods 

Often found wandering around the house from place to place with your chromebook (still cant sit still, eh?)

You are such a great  kid! I continue to be amazed at how different you are from the boys, and I can’t wait to keep watching you grow! I hope that as we enter the preteen years you are able to continue to hold true to yourself - never let anyone tell you it isn’t cool to just be you.

Love, mom 

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