Monday, January 04, 2021

New year, a letter to the children

My darlings, 
At some point in the future you will look back upon this time. I sincerely hope that when you do you remember to be proud of yourselves. You have given up everything this year - clubs, sports, school, parties, play dates, visits to Santa, holidays with extended family, vacations, day trips. Not only have you done it, but you’ve done it well and without complaint. You’ve made a tremendous sacrifice to protect the health of dad and I, and of our neighbors and community.  I
Don’t want you to look back and see as it as sacrifice, instead I want you to see it as proof that you can do anything! You can do all the hard things, the unexpected things, the seemingly impossible (and never ending) things. You can depend on each other. You can find joy and peace in small
Places and with just the things around you. I simply could not be prouder of all you for doing what so many adults have been unable to do. We’ve turned the page to a new year, and with it comes renewed hope that at some point this year we shall return to some sort of life out of our big little house (that has sheltered us so, so well). I hope we all carry the messages of this time with us forever. Ever forward. 



  1. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! What a lovely letter you've written to them.

  2. A beautiful letter to your children. It is year we will never forget, so many things that we did not get to do, but we have survived. My husband and I are both in our 70's and have conditions that leave us very compromised. We are very lucky we have two daughter and great son-in-laws that look out for us. Add to that 3 year old twin grandchildren that we get to see often. Happy Healthy New Year. Keep posting love watching your kids grow.


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