Friday, February 05, 2021

11 months of pandemic

Somehow it’s now been 11 months since the kids last went to school. Missouri is last in the nation in the vaccination efforts, and neither my mother (69 with copd) nor I (autoimmune disease) have received a shot yet. That part currently feels hopeless (and today I need to write the governor again). 

The kids and I are already counting how many days of school we have left. Usually I dread summer vacation, but pushing three kids through virtual school every day is such a drag. 

We finally got a little snow. 
Bitter  cold is coming so I cleared out the last few things I left in the garden boxes this fall Bc they weren’t yet big enough. These are still tasty! 

We continue to fidget with some areas of the house to improve them. We fixed up a basement closet which helped me finish the last of storage area organizing. Next up cabinets in the laundry room, but building supplies are in short supply and insanely expensive, so it’s a long wait for the two I need. Dave’s dreaming of finally finishing the master closet, but I swear you can’t buy a single thing at IKEA right now. Hopefully we can finally fix the driveway too, but $$$$ Bc the housing market has gone completely insane. 

The kids are growing so fast that I can barely keep them in clothes. 

I tried to order seeds for the garden and even those are in short supply. It seems nothing escapes the pandemic panic. 

I’m off to bleach laundry grout. Fun! 


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  1. My husband and I got our shots this afternoon and it took several days of our daughter checking sights hourly to find us appointments. We are each 74 copd, on oxygen, my husband has had an aortic valve replacement and I have had a heart attack. I feel as though I have aged 10 years in the past year, each day is like the one before. Now that we have had our shots I feel that we can finally do a few things with caution after we have the second shot. Good Luck in your quest for appt. and can not believe how much your kids have grown. You have raised some very cute and handsome children. I think when I started reading your blog Jack was getting ready for 1st grade.


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