Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Counting on


 Well, we are beyond the year mark now. I am supposed to be getting my second shot this weekend and Dave his first. I signed the kids up for 5 days of summer camp. We booked a cabin here in Missouri for a few days in June. I’m trying to remain ever hopeful that the end will arrive in a few months. 

I’m growing increasingly sick and tired of the constant cooking, cleaning, bossing and teaching of the children. 

(And the cold weather. And the asshole squirrels who uprooted alllllll of my seedlings.) 

We finally got the last cabinet for the laundry room (nearly three months to get three cabinets). 

I went to the giant 6 flags garage sale. It was both glorious to be there and excessively nerve wracking. So many people, so few wearing masks (it was outside). I was really struggling to shop. Maybe that feeling will go away after the second shot? Maybe it won’t. Maybe I now have pandemic  ptsd too. 

I am starting to feel like it’s ok to run out of things again though. It’s ok to use the last onion! There are more! 

Vaccine distribution seems to be a huge cluster fuck everywhere. You def have to be a hunter if you want one. Some states have already done away with the tiered system and just blown the doors open. I wish that was the case here, I’d get Jack vaccinated stat too. 

Stimulus money and doing away with all restrictions in some states has reignited the political fire, I still just try and ignore. Life is challenging enough without it. 

Deaths have slowed, but we are nearing 550,000. It’s incredibly hard to think about actually. 

I filled out a survey saying the children will be returning to school for the next school year. Come hell or high water it just HAS to happen. It’s jacks senior year and sams last year of elementary. 

I just keep sewing. There seems to be little else that keeps my mind occupied. 

Alright, the time change has completely stolen this day! 

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  1. Love the bunny quilt, but then I collect rabbits. Have had both shots and my husband had his first one and then went in the hospital so had not had the second. The pharmacy said the will work him in when he able.(Not Covid) Ohio just opened up this Friday for age 40 and up and those with certain ailments. Not sure when things will ever go back to normal. We have a family vacation planned for mid may at the beach, we had to cancel last year so hoping this year is a go. Jack is a Senior wow!


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