Sunday, April 04, 2021

Pandemic Easter - take 2

So weird that this is the second Easter in a pandemic. This year my mom can come over. In a few weeks Dave will have his second shot (and hopefully Jack his first!) and we will have my dad over too. 

Eggs were dyed;

The cat is being a punk and eating my damn plants;

We went to the studio again for family photos! Sam looks so little in our last ones Bc we had to miss last year; 

We visited an actual Easter bunny again! (The magic house scheduled private 15 min appointments outside. No masks! There was no one there but the bunny. It was amazing and I nearly cried. One of the hardest parts for me is that we have missed out on so many things during an age we can never get back with the kids. Last year was really probably sams last year of believing and now those things are gone forever. Including jacks 16th bday. It’s all relative and all that, but hard on a mother.)
Bc it was spring break we went for a hike;
Sam is finally taller than grant again;
Baskets were found;
Tables were set;
We ate at a restaurant! Outside, but an actual restaurant!; 

Bunnies were made (this microsuede was so hard for the hang sewing part); 

The peach trees bloomed;
The tulip tree showed off;

No fancy cake was made, but it’s still a cake;

We celebrated pi day; 
Peas are sprouting;
And life feels a lot less scary than Easter last year. 

This is all still an incredibly weird time to be alive. Vaccines are starting  to really ramp up. Efficacy seems to be pretty solid. The constant political screaming has died back some. There is talk that by the 4th of July things may be semi normal again. I’m trying hard to lose my omg we are all going to die worry when someone stands close to me at the flea market. I still miss the big flea, and kids going to school, and just walking in the goodwill whenever I damn feel like it, and the noise of the kids friends running through the house. 

So, here we are. Easter again, 13 months after “3 weeks to flatten the curve.” 

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