Thursday, May 20, 2021

Change is arriving

One day last week I was about to take a nap when I happened to catch a breaking news report. It was the cdc announcement that fully vaxxed people can fully ditch the masks. Oh joy! Of course there is a lot of arguing about it, but me? I’m going to stop wearing it and move on. Mentally we’ve reached the point in this where it’s REALLY becoming a struggle and we need to be able to do regular things again. All the regular things. A week later stores havd started removing the signs, the Cards have announced a return to full capacity, the movies are opening back up, there’s a rumor the flea is returning. And I am here for it all. (I hope the kids can go to summer camp without them, but we shall see, Bc kids under 12 are not able to access vaccines yet.)

We have teeny baby bunnies now. 
I had a birthday. I went to garage sales and ate a pretzel and it was pretty good. 

I got to sit in the auditorium and watch Jack perform. 
The birds fledged and left home. 
I made a spur of the moment addition to the year of couch quilts series - a birthday cake quilt! I modified a free Lori holt cake pattern. The hardest part was the math for the scallops. 
Birthday junking loot.

The weather is finally starting to warm up, there are 8 days of this ridiculous virtual school left, I took the cover off the pool to find a swamp, not my crystal clear pool like last year (and of course there are chlorine supply problems) and Jack’s friends have started hanging out again.

That’s about all the news over here. 


Tuesday, May 04, 2021

14 months

14 months of pandemic life. 

3 of us are now fully vaccinated. Just a few more days and friends can start coming over to play! 

We are starting to work back into more of pre pandemic life. Off and on the kids have been going to school to take standardized tests. They miss school. I’m enjoying a slightly quieter house for a few hours while they are gone. 

We lucked into hard to get baseball tickets. Only 14,000 in the stadium, sitting in pods of 4, spaced out. It was AWESOME. 

Dave and I went to iowa, and I started a new collection there. I’ve been wanting this collection for a long time.  

While we were there we stopped at the American gothic house. 

I saw a featherweight in the wild at the flea! 

The local flea is back up too, although it’s a lot smaller and not really great. 
We took a day trip to Springfield to try out the new car. We took to the kids to the worlds largest fork while we were there. 
The garden is kind of a dud this year. Lots of leaves, but no heads.

Both the little kids are in braces. Well, grant has a palate expander, Sam braces on the bottom. 
I wallpapered that bedroom.

And the birds hatched! 

We only have 19 days of ridiculous virtual school left, can’t wait. 

In the world - the price of lumber is insane, the housing market is insane, we have shortages of ketchup, chlorine, chicken, hot dogs, rental cars and who know what else. (There are murmurs of gas shortages coming too). The cdc says vaxxed people can stop masking outside and I’m hoping soon stores will go back to regular hours and opening both doors!