Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Semi normal pandemic life has commenced

Wellllll, so much has happened in the last month, and I’ve been busy just soaking up life. A mostly unmasked, mostly everything is open and operating regular hours, life. 
School ended finally. No more virtual school for us! 
We went to the zoo. 
We attempted to take our first vacation in two years. Wellll, our first night there an “incident” occurred which required loading the car at midnight and driving home. It’s fine, we’ve been staycationing HARD CORE instead. We went to the aquarium, the wheel, blueberry hill, the creek, the lake, the movies, kayaking, star gazing and tomorrow a day trip to Springfield illinois, followed by the return of my fav flea for the first time in 16 months on sat! 

I bought garage sale junk. 

My dad sent a ton of strawberries for jam and pie.
There’s a new Dino thing at the zoo. 

Before we had to abandon camping we saw a million fireflies.

We’ve been swimming of course. 

And rather unceremoniously grant ended his run at my elementary school. It’s been special to me that the kids and I attended the same school, and I was quite sad that we lost the entire last 1.5 years there to virtual school. Just like that it was over, without even being allowed in to say goodbye. 

Ah well, if that’s my biggest pandemic sadness I did pretty damn well. ;)