Monday, July 26, 2021

Extreme parenting continues to go on and on

We are closing in on 18 months since the school bus dropped the kids off for the last time. At this point it feels like some sort of extreme parenting competition that never ends. We are 26 days from the start of school, and I’m not sure I even dare hope that it will happen. To the surprise of no one the pandemic is worse than ever thanks to vaccine hesitancy and refusal, the delta variant is running wild in Missouri, and mask mandates are returning. I’m not really sure you can put that genie back in the bottle, but we shall see I guess. I’m also starting to worry a little about the little kids and school, as they aren’t old enough for vaccines. It’s still hard not to worry about all the things. I am, however, greatly looking forward to  a house that stays clean for a few minutes! The truly endless cooking and cleaning is beyond old. 

In other news - I made another quilt, for grant this time. 

We did more staycation stuff. Meramac caverns. 
We watched college league baseball. 

We did nothing for the fourth. The kids voted to just watch on tv, lol. (Not into bugs) 
The big flea reopened after 16 long months. 
We took the kids to the Lincoln stuff In Springfield IL. Here’s grant with grant, 
We FINALLY went up in the arch! 
I had to get a new sewing machine when mine unexpectedly died a sudden, dramatic death. 
My lawyer in training in front of Lincoln’s law office. 
We ate at allll the places. (Now we eat alllll the veggies at home the next two weeks)

The cat continues to be a lazy ass cat 

I keep making pies, all the pies. The blueberry was the best. 
Jack got a suit for senior photos and dances and all the things, 

Jack got a job at Taco Bell! It’s working out well. 
Grant is looking so grown up. 

 And that about sums up June and July.