Sunday, August 29, 2021

Back to school

This year the school bus did not leave without us. 
Up until an hour before it arrived I still wasn’t sure I had the guts to do it. 
I worried endlessly about the mask optional situation (I suppose worry endlessly is what you do in a never ending pandemic). In fact, I just sat in a chair for a solid two weeks, which is very unlike me. But what is there to do really? 
The kids put on a play in the last week of summer, the cat hD to be in on it. 
The garden made a few treats. 

It’s been Boiling hot. 
And I put all my first week nervous energy into work. Cleaning, painting, sewing. Worry endlessly. 
But we made it! 
One week down. 

It’s Jack’s senior year. How?!? 

He was just this little weasel last week I’m
Sure. (I love teen Jack - man, he was a challenging little person). 

I got a booster shot the week before school started, nearly the min it was approved for me. I’m still hoping shots for the little kids come soon. 

The rest of the world has fallen apart in the interim, with the worst human rights disaster in a long time going down in Afghanistan. 

It’s all just too much still- the whole world really. 


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