Sunday, September 19, 2021

A month of pandemic school in person

We’ve made it a whole month at mask optional in person school without quarantine or getting covid. Not without getting sick though - Sam was sick by day 8, it started ripping through the boys every 4 days, but the adults seem spared. She started having insane nosebleeds - which required a trip to the ped and two covid tests. Let me just say this - getting an appt with the ped was THE HARDEST THING. It took hours to even get a spot to HOLD Bc you have to be triaged by the nurse before you can even make an appt. 

Other families are not nearly so lucky - Jack’s school has a student who had to be airlifted to children’s hospital. He spent several days on bipap and us quite sick. Some elementary schools have had more than 10% of the students sick and on quarantine. 

They are quite happy to be back at school though! 

I made another Halloween quilt. 
Cats are lazy. 
I had a trip down memory lane looking for pics for Jack’s senior ad in the yearbook. 

Sams hair has gone all curly. 

Cats are still weird. 
I spent the first three weeks just sitting here. Literally doing nothing. It’s weird for them to be gone, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself, it’s not really like life has returned to normal. And I keep expecting  that any day now they will be sent home for two weeks. So, yea. Sort of normal but totally not normal at.all. 

and here we are. Ready for month two. 


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