Tuesday, November 01, 2022

We did the Halloween things

After having been sick for a over a month (Dave with covid, me with flu then a very resistant UTI), we did all the Halloween things in one weekend. Jack was home for fall break so we got to do it all with him! Grant wanted a cheeseburger costume. Sam and her friend decided way back in July to be UFOs and the girls worked hard making their costumes. They did it almost by themselves! Good work girls! Not gonna lie - I was not feeling it this year and I’ll be glad to start packing stuff away. 

Monday, October 03, 2022

Hapde burfday grant!

Well, I am hideously late with this post. I got some kind of flu the week before grants birthday and then Dave came down with covid the weekend of his birthday. It’s been a LONG three weeks (and 19 days later I’m starting to improve). 

Dear Grant, 
Today you are 10! Your first whole decade has passed. You are such a great kid. Smart and funny, kind and caring, compassionate, curious and a wealth of knowledge. You are really into baseball at the moment (watching pujols make it to 700 home runs has been a summer of fun), gaming (like another boy we know), and math. You are maturing so much - starting to lose some fear, getting better at adapting to change, and gaining independence. You love to cook (and are good at it!) you have very definite ideas about what you want (your birthday shirt was designed completely by you, no one else has ever done that in all my years of birthday shirt making). And You always have a silly joke to make me laugh. 

I love watching you grow up and can’t wait to see what the coming year has in store! 

All my love, 


Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Settling in to new things

Busy busy few weeks! 
Dave and I did the 60 mile yard sale Labor Day weekend, some treasure was acquired. 

I made more Halloween quilts. 

We went to convocation At the university. 

A huge box of feedsacks was purchased. 

I grew a few things. 

The cats continue to be nutballs. 
We took the kids to grants farm the last weekend before school started. We hadn’t been in years. 

Then we hit A&W, we’d never been before. 

Grant started 4th grade, he has Sam’s 4th grade teacher. 
I finished grants baby clothes quilt. 

Samantha started 6th grade at the middle school, she was a little nervous but she’s settling in. 

 After a bumpy start at college, jack is also settling in. It was rough in us both for a bit there. 

As for me, after 19.5 years at home I went back to work today. It felt like a Herculean effort to jump through all the hoops, plus find clothes and lunchboxes and juggle the kids and mom, but I did it! It’s only part time substitute teaching, but I need the flexibility and! I really enjoyed feeling useful and productive away from home. The kids are getting to an age (and let’s be honest - 19 years is a long time) where I really just don’t feel as necessary around here. It’s all the same stuff every day. And I know our school is desperate for help. I have a vested interest in their success - their success is my kids success, so, time to pitch in a little more. My goal is two days a week, we shall see how often I can get there. :)