Monday, December 26, 2022

Novembering and decembering

I have been sewing. 
We went to the nutcracker. 

We ate turkey. 
I made quilts.
Sam had her first orchestra concert. 

I bought things. 

Sam made things. 
I kept growing things. 
We had presents. 
We visited Santa. (A really nice dude). 

We visited another Santa. 
I decorated. 

We took grinch themed Christmas card photos. 
Slightly disasterous - bad light, paint on Sam, crying happened. 

 And Dave and I built these. I love them. 

I decorated everything that wasn’t standing still:

Sewed some more. 
Decorated more. 
And a little more. 

Jack finished his first semester of college (straight As!), Dave’s parents are coming to visit, grant has stopped sleeping which is making everyone more than a little crazy, I’ve been working a little and sewing a lot. 

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

We did the Halloween things

After having been sick for a over a month (Dave with covid, me with flu then a very resistant UTI), we did all the Halloween things in one weekend. Jack was home for fall break so we got to do it all with him! Grant wanted a cheeseburger costume. Sam and her friend decided way back in July to be UFOs and the girls worked hard making their costumes. They did it almost by themselves! Good work girls! Not gonna lie - I was not feeling it this year and I’ll be glad to start packing stuff away.