Friday, February 11, 2022


 Jack And I are continuing to visit colleges looking for the right fit. Yesterday he was denied admission to his first choice, and it was a tough moment.

It’s a weird place to be in as a parent - the first real steps in letting go have happened this year and he’s been in charge of making all the choices regarding college. There was some regret yesterday that he didn’t apply to more places, Bc now those options are already closed. (And he admitted he didn’t do it Bc he wasn’t sure he was ready. That’s tough - Bc for two years I’ve been asking and pushing him to get experiences that would’ve helped him feel more prepared, but he has refused steadfastly.) 

So, here we are, facing those decisions (and consequences) independently. 

I am 100% sure this will turn out fine. College is an awesome experience and it’s when he will really start to learn all the life things without me. But, it felt worth noting that it’s an odd transition for me as well. I want all the things for him like I always have but I’m not the bus driver anymore. ❤️