Monday, April 18, 2022

Everything Easter

Eggs were hunted (hidden by a fund raiser for grad night, double win!) 
I found someone to make Sam a sugar egg, but it was a little damaged in transit. 
Baskets were filled.
all the things were decorated. 
Eggs were dyed.

Bunny visits were made. 

Pies were made (twice).
Annual bunny stuffies were made. 
Retro Tupperware was bought and put to use for Easter dinner. 
The rhubarb that required two pies (a little challenging). 

The kids picked one million dandelions. 

Ear photos were taken. 

 A different Easter cake was made this year - a sugar egg cake! 

Friday, April 01, 2022

A winters worth of things

My orchids bloomed. 
It snowed every Thursday for a long time. 

We recreated a quilt photo from last year to see how we’ve grown. 

It snowed a metric shit ton. 
I made quilts. This one went to nani and papa in Texas. 
The cat helps make every quilt. 
We took photos to make postcards for nani and papa.

I made more quilts (and watched a million hours of Olympics). 
And made more quilts - this one combined vintage blocks With modern paper pieced butterflies.

Dad took Sam to the Fox theater to see Willy wonka.
I bought a bunch of things at my favorite late winter flea. 
Jack bought himself a violin when the music store went out of business. 
I made more quilts. (This One will be traded for jacks senior photo shoot.) 
The cat kept helping. 

Sam got her braces off for now. (Phase two to come later.) 
We took more photos to send to nani and papa. 

We went to middle school orientation for Sam (and tried out more string instruments - cello for Sam next year!)
We took more photos for nani and papa - this time wrapped up in their quilt. 
And the first photo for our photo postcards for nani and papa.

       Busy days! 


Orange beach spring break

We’ve never taken the kids on a spring break trip before. It’s the last few months before jack leaves for college and the last two years? Well, I think we all know it’s been hard. My burn out has been reaching epic proportions and it was beyond time to put the kids in the damn car and just go. 

The beach was so beautiful. So so crazy windy which made it freaking cold, but beautiful. And it was nice to be together. That sounds weird after 18 solid months without even school! But life since august has been on busy overdrive. 

We spent the night in Memphis on the way down and saw sun studios (grant is using the mike that Johnny cash and Elvis used!) and the Peabody ducks. So cute! 

Now we are back to the final insane push of the year, and I’m not gonna lie - I am already counting the days until summer break.