Friday, April 01, 2022

Orange beach spring break

We’ve never taken the kids on a spring break trip before. It’s the last few months before jack leaves for college and the last two years? Well, I think we all know it’s been hard. My burn out has been reaching epic proportions and it was beyond time to put the kids in the damn car and just go. 

The beach was so beautiful. So so crazy windy which made it freaking cold, but beautiful. And it was nice to be together. That sounds weird after 18 solid months without even school! But life since august has been on busy overdrive. 

We spent the night in Memphis on the way down and saw sun studios (grant is using the mike that Johnny cash and Elvis used!) and the Peabody ducks. So cute! 

Now we are back to the final insane push of the year, and I’m not gonna lie - I am already counting the days until summer break. 


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