Friday, May 27, 2022

All the things to end a school year

(Award letter codes)
These are out of order thanks to blogger, but here we go. The last ten days have been alll the things. And it’s been hard. Not only are the kids transitioning but there have been a lot of communication issues with one of the schools. I find myself crying over everything, which is really not like me. 

So, on with it then. Jack had the senior clap out at the elementary school. Parents were not invited, so I had to rely on selfies and begging staff for photos. 

All the art work came home. 
Jack had senior awards, the list was long, way to go jack! 
Sam had 5th grade awards, which I did attend. Two top honors for our girl. 

Grants teacher had his class make a huge sign for jack. Grant was SO excited to get to clap out jack. It’s not very often a senior still has a sibling at the elementary school. 

It was so cold on the last day of school we needed coats and the school had the heat on. 
We did get to attend the 5th grade clap out. Sam was sobbing which made me cry. So many crying little girls on that clap out. (Some of the kids will attend a different middle school bc of district boundaries.)

This art was so awesome. 

Jack had his very last day of public school.
Then awards time for grant (we did not attend). Grant also did an awesome job this year. 
I grew a few peas. 
Gold level honor roll (straight a).

Today was the last day of elementary school for Sam.
I went to field day for both kids. No pics of Sam though, I had to leave my phone with Dave to manage a doctor appointment for my mom bc we only had a few hours notice that we could attend. 

Last day of third grade for grant. 

Last day/first day grade 5

Last day/first day grade 3

Awards list for jack. 
All that remains is graduation tomorrow! 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Awesome. And not.

Mother’s Day this year came with two really great flea market trips. That was awesome. Grants behavior at the second one was not awesome. 

We keep making pies - this strawberry cheesecake pie was awesome. 
Samantha’s art was selected for the district art fair. Also awesome. 
This is the earliest we’ve ever started swimming, which is awesome. But the boiling 100 degree heat is not. 
On the way home from the flea we took alien photos. Sam is obsessed with aliens. 

A random duck laid a single egg in my flowers, it’s been moved to An incubator to see if it hatches. Could be awesome? 
Mother’s Day with my girl. Awesome. 
The final orchestra concert for jack! Awesome. 

A misshapen butterfly I had to euthanize. Not awesome. 

 And an awesome Mother’s Day selfie with my kids - who are starting to dwarf me in photos - AWESOME! 

Not awesome - lest anyone think the world has returned to normal when reading this in years to come :

We are set to overturn roe v wade (and a whole host of other women's healthcare)

There is an extreme shortage of baby formula - scary

War is still raging in Ukraine 

Covid numbers rising again

American covid death toll reached one million this week 

Inflation hit 11%

Gas is over $4 a gallon 

And times, well, they are still hard. :(

Friday, May 06, 2022

Oh the places I will go

I’ve kind of decided I am doing ALL the things this spring and summer. My burn out is epic and it’s time to be where I love - junking. And growing all the things too! 

And making pies - buttermilk pie last week. Tastes a lot like our famous gooey butter cake. 

Loot from a community garage sale. 
Damn, I meant to look for more of these. 

Loot from iowa. 

Loot from high school flea market, 
And it’s Mother’s Day weekend, so there is more more more to come!