Sunday, May 01, 2022

The boys do things

Jack went to prom! 
Grant broke his wrist on the playground (that’s break number two at school recess and it also required a pin surgery). 
Jack had senior photos taken by my friend, Wendy Jacobs phptography. And he has chosen a school! Billiken bound at St. Louis university. 

Jack is also part of the east elite - the top 25 at his school, and we attended a banquet for that. 

 (And we took a new family photo). 

Lately I’ve been thinking about how everyone is trying to get back to “normal” but really, the world turned a page during this pandemic. Everything has been very hard for a very long time and many things are never returning to that pre covid “normal”. Some of it is harder than others, but it is certainly a big kick in the teeth to have lived through a lot of this. It’s taking awhile to regroup and decide which of those things “I” really never need to return to. (And which are more important than ever!)

We are also entering the portion of the program where the reality of Jack moving to the dorms is setting in. You could feel some of the parents worrying at the big group prom photos, and I get it. You’ve been with this person since the minute they came into being, and with jack that has meant very, very few days apart. (Less than 10!) and now, here we are, and to an extent the measure of my success at this job is his ability to leave me. Mostly I feel completely ready- ready to see him do new things and ready to stop bossing him completely, but sometimes I have a little bit of “omg I’m sending my 2e kid out into the world and I see a million potential disasters.” Biology is a pretty awesome thing though, and it’s been preparing me for it. 

I’ve also been thinking  about how much I appreciate all of the young people who led our college tours. They were all very open about how it is to leave home, how their own parents responded and really just generally reassuring about the experiences to come. 

Jack really summed it up best when he said “mom, I don’t NEED to get away from you guys, but I am ready to try new things!” (This is all new territory for me as my childhood was nothing like my kids has been. I really do not know what this all is “supposed” to look like, and I am def leaning heavily on those who’ve been there for guidance.) 

❤️❤️ yes, my dear, you are. And already you are surprising me every day. 


  1. I've been following this blog since Jack was a wee one. Having sent my one and only off to college last year (after spending her freshman year going to community college online at home because of covid), I can assure you, it's nervewracking and yet awesome to see them out there doing their thing. Last time mine came home for a visit, she cleaned the house before she caught a ride back to school. And she's adamant about doing her own laundry these days which is pretty awesome.
    Jack's got this and so do you.

  2. I started reading your blog when jack was entering school. What a grown up and handsome young man, that will do great on his own. I have sent two off to college and they both did very well. The youngest one swam in college do did not have a lot of extra time and was an hour and half away, so we did alot of traveling to swim meets and to see her. Good Luck.


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