Friday, August 19, 2022

Giving birth in reverse? Jack moves to college

Yesterday was move in day at the university! 

It’s worth saying this one hundred times - taking your kid to college is like giving birth in reverse. 

When you have a baby and are being discharged the nurse goes with you to the car, inspects the car seat for a minute, makes sure you know how to buckle that baby in and off you go. Just set free, just like that, into the world in charge of a human being. For several weeks I felt like what is happening here? I don’t know what to do with this human?!? It really was an odd feeling. (And it only happened with jack.) 

Taking him to college is that feeling in reverse - sooooooo I am just going to leave him Here? Not be responsible for him
All the time? Not boss him or look at him every day? Excuse me but what? 

And just like childbirth and newborn days there are bumpy unknown bits. Ooops I never got my id, ooops I locked myself out. 

It’s ok on my end (for now? I cried when they clapped us into the garage like one giant cheerleading section). And in all honesty, it’s often been more like party of four around here than party of five  the last year. But, there is still something about knowing he’s not just at another shift at Taco Bell and waiting for the door to open at 1020 (and watching the crazy ass bird fly into his hair on the ring cam). 

There is no ring cam at college mama…


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  1. Hi Sarah! It's funny you mention it being like giving birth in reverse; I thought much the same thing the day I moved my daughter into her dorm room. She was scheduled to move into her dorm the same day as her first band rehearsal, right around the same time. She had her long list of things to do that day and we had the car packed with all of her stuff, but then she noticed an email that she had somehow missed that stated that the band was actually meeting an hour EARLIER than she thought. We live an hour from her school, so we threw everything else in the car and drove really fast to the school. I basically let her at the curb of the stadium with her clarinet, grabbed her dorm room key and went to set up her room the best I could. As I was in the room all alone, tears started flowing!!! This felt like the day I was setting up her nursery with no idea what to expect in the days ahead. And now I was setting up a room for her again only she was 18 and I wasn't going to see her every day. I left that dorm room and cried literally the entire way home. It felt so surreal. But she just graduated in May as an RN and it went by so fast! My heart is with you, but it DOES get better, I promise you that. ♥♥♥


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