Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Settling in to new things

Busy busy few weeks! 
Dave and I did the 60 mile yard sale Labor Day weekend, some treasure was acquired. 

I made more Halloween quilts. 

We went to convocation At the university. 

A huge box of feedsacks was purchased. 

I grew a few things. 

The cats continue to be nutballs. 
We took the kids to grants farm the last weekend before school started. We hadn’t been in years. 

Then we hit A&W, we’d never been before. 

Grant started 4th grade, he has Sam’s 4th grade teacher. 
I finished grants baby clothes quilt. 

Samantha started 6th grade at the middle school, she was a little nervous but she’s settling in. 

 After a bumpy start at college, jack is also settling in. It was rough in us both for a bit there. 

As for me, after 19.5 years at home I went back to work today. It felt like a Herculean effort to jump through all the hoops, plus find clothes and lunchboxes and juggle the kids and mom, but I did it! It’s only part time substitute teaching, but I need the flexibility and! I really enjoyed feeling useful and productive away from home. The kids are getting to an age (and let’s be honest - 19 years is a long time) where I really just don’t feel as necessary around here. It’s all the same stuff every day. And I know our school is desperate for help. I have a vested interest in their success - their success is my kids success, so, time to pitch in a little more. My goal is two days a week, we shall see how often I can get there. :)