Monday, December 26, 2022

Novembering and decembering

I have been sewing. 
We went to the nutcracker. 

We ate turkey. 
I made quilts.
Sam had her first orchestra concert. 

I bought things. 

Sam made things. 
I kept growing things. 
We had presents. 
We visited Santa. (A really nice dude). 

We visited another Santa. 
I decorated. 

We took grinch themed Christmas card photos. 
Slightly disasterous - bad light, paint on Sam, crying happened. 

 And Dave and I built these. I love them. 

I decorated everything that wasn’t standing still:

Sewed some more. 
Decorated more. 
And a little more. 

Jack finished his first semester of college (straight As!), Dave’s parents are coming to visit, grant has stopped sleeping which is making everyone more than a little crazy, I’ve been working a little and sewing a lot.