Sunday, January 29, 2023

Hapde burfday Sam!

Dear Sam, 

12! A growing up young lady. 

You asked to try a new Korean restaurant for your birthday dinner. 
You wanted a new haircut - a “wolf” haircut. 

And a Kentucky derby pie! 

 At 12 you are: 

Getting interested in fashion

Into jewelry and nail polish 

Trying EVERY SINGLE craft known to man

Still in love with the cats (and all animals) 

Taking advanced 7th grade math (one of only two sixth grade kids- and KILLING IT) 

Still very into art and constantly drawing 

Found a BFF up the street 

Smart. Sassy, empathetic, aware of every social issue I can even imagine, always on the phone (much like my own 12 year old self), messy (we are working on sorting out if that is an attention problem), constantly trying to be a vegetarian (which is requiring REALLY branching on your food choices)

I really can’t imagine our life without you, love you kid.