Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Swap 2015

I honestly do not even know where the days go right now. My to do list never gets shorter and then I sit down here and discover I've barely been here at all this month!
Time to show you the swap goods then. (Lord knows if I don't do it right now I never will.)
They were so good again this year! My tree is just bursting with goodness from these swaps.
 Sammi and I both squealed when we saw Michaele'switches.
 Painted acorns from Meghan. (No acorns here are this elongated? Weird?)
 Fun witch feet from Beth.
 Isn't this a fun idea from Keri? She dropped hers off in person and is just the sweetest! Her inspiration was how I always decorate our fireplace. Thank you Keri!
 Skellie chics from our other Beth. I think my feathers are blowing in the wind a bit in the photo here.
 Delores sent a two sided house -
 The back.
 Fun from Marci!
 I had a hard time choosing which cone to keep for myself from Robin.
Kim's  are always ADORABLE.
Brooms from Michelle & Ashley.
And mine this year are teeny witch mice on little pumpkins. Those hats were insane.

Thank you ladies! I cannot wait until next year.

P.S. Have you seen the AMAZING Halloween trees that are on I think I need a tree upgrade!


  1. Woozers! They are all amazing! What great swap fun!

  2. Every year I see your swaps and every year I tell myself I will think ahead and DO IT next year. Honestly, I don't know how you manage. These are some sweet ornies...great job, ladies!

  3. Everyone outdid themselves this year! I love it all!!! Thank you for coordinating this swap, year after year! Your teeny tiny mice are just precious.

  4. The ornaments are the best TREATS, each and every year! Not sure how you managed those teeny tiny mice, but I have put mine WAY UP HIGH on the tinsel tree, away from Buck (the cat)! Thanks again, Sarah!

  5. I love this swap and glad to be a part of it, thanks as always for hosting Sarah!


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