Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goodnight Moon.

Jack and I went to Target late in the afternoon yesterday to blow some time, and on the way home the big full moon was rising. Everytime it disappeared behind a row of houses, Jack asked from the back seat, "Where'd you go now moon?"

Too bad he missed the eclipse. I stood outside watching it off and on for nearly an hour with the neighbor kids. It was bitterly cold (less than 10 degrees I think), but it was beautiful.

We stood out there until I couldn't feel my toes anymore, watching while wrapped in blankets and having our impromptu science lesson. Awesome.
Today we are having an ice storm, which is making me nervous. I can't start a fire to save my life (well, maybe if we were really in trouble), and Dave is out of town all week. Here's hoping the power lines hold.

I thought I was being really smart by letting Jack have a new toy out of my present closet. New toys = hours of entertainment, which I could use right now given ice storm + no daddy + no school + no going out of the house. I am here to tell you I was nearly killed by the darn Tidmouth Shed. The thing is impossible to get together, and when I finally had it together 45 minutes later, Jack bumped it and it fell to bits.

When I suggested we play without the shed, Jack started to cry hysterically and tell me very emphatically that "Thomas LOVES his shed mommy."

After reading the amazon reviews I decided superglue was the only way to go. Except the superglue exploded and then I was glued to the very thing I wanted to launch right to the moon with my shoe. "Bang, zoom, straight to the moon!"

Misadventures indeed.

P.S. Thank you for the haircut love! Jack reports that he doesn't like it one bit. LOL


  1. LOL Well I like the haircut :) Here's hoping the next toy works out better!

  2. I saw the moon last night too - it was pretty cool. Better luck next time with your toy!

  3. Oh my goodness; that sounds definitely crazy with the hysteria AND the superglue. :( I hope your week gets better.

    By the way, you're adorable w/ your new haircut! :)

  4. I don't like ice storms, either. I hope your electricity stays on.

    Your post brought back lots of Thomas memories. N. doesn't play with Thomas as much anymore.

  5. wow that is a misadventure indeed. I really dislike toys that do not withstand play. Isaiah's nana bought him elmo's garage for christmas and that thing will just not stay together. It drives me nuts! Perhaps I should glue that together!!!

    And I like the haircut too!

  6. I'm envious of all you moon-gazers... I tried but it was way too cloudy. V. disppointing...

    Keep warm, and I hope the ice storm passes you by...

  7. Catching up and totally feeling your ice storm pain. We are stuck inside with it and the stomach flu. Double yuck!

    LOVE the hair and your beautiful room.

    Cheers! LA

  8. The super glue story had me in stiches! Here's hoping the week gets better (and how could it not with such a great haircut?).

  9. Bad luck with the Shed. Superglue - such fun. When one of my boys was litle he superglued his hand closed into a fist. He was abpout 2 and found it in his daddys pants pocket. I rang the Doctor and they said to use nail polish remover to get it off. That's all very well but then he passed out from the fumes!!LOL Fun.

  10. oh no! sometimes its just "that kind of day"! Hang in there! Hope it warms up soon!


  11. Jack reminds me of this little boy I used to babysit (who is now in college by the way.) Ug! Anyway, Christopher used to have such opinions about my hair. He wanted me to wear it in a pony tail and to wear earrings and was very vocal about this. LOL!

    It's cold and rainy here in LA or I would send you some warm sun.

  12. love your blog here! thanks for visiting me! i am a junkie too! and i hear you on wanting to put more pottery around. i just bought a new book shelf and a few books will have to do for now. i will be back for a visit!


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