Sunday, February 17, 2008

The rain in Spain

It is pouring down rain and very windy today, which made taking a picture of a gigantic bunting a bit difficult. And I am horribly late in getting it finished, since I still have to get it in the mail! I was struggling with coming up with another idea for a Valentine after making the paper dresses, but when I was cleaning up the sewing room I came across some embroidery samples I had saved when we cleaned out my aunt's sewing room.
I decided to go with "Be Mine" and put the little bee embroidery in the middle of the bunting. I really wanted plain red wool felt for the second triangle, but my Jo-anns has such a poor selection that I had to go with a second polka dot print instead.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute, and next year I want to play with the "bee" mine idea a little more.
I did manage a little thrifting yesterday, since we all seem to finally (!) be on the mend around here. I love this pair of lamps I found! They are tucked away in the closet until my household is a little less rambunctious (there seem to be a lot of lamp accidents around here).
And I found a huge bolt of old wallpaper border. I see a lot of wallpaper crafting in my future.

We also have been working on updating Jack's room a bit this weekend, and he makes me laugh when he says "I am getting bigger" whenever he wants to do something he isn't currently allowed to do. And then just now when he heard the shower come on he said to me, "I am going to go take a shower with Daddy. I don't want Daddy's soap in my eyes, but I better hurry!" and off he went at full speed.

He is off to a birthday party with Daddy later, and I am hoping to watch Becoming Jane while they are gone. I tried watching yesterday, but sadly, all I wanted to do was fall asleep. We have been diligently watching the Masterpiece Jane Austen series, and while I really enjoy some of them, some of them make me snore. LOL

Ah well, I could probably use a nap anyway...

P.S. I've been getting a few emails about trying to find tutorials for some of my projects, so I have added a tutorial category to the sidebar. I hope that helps. (Hi Martha! You didn't leave a way to get in touch with you, so email me if you still need help.)


  1. Cute Bunting.
    Sarah what beautiful lamps.
    Kids say such funny things. They are such fun.
    Take care

  2. I wish I knew how to make a bunting. Cute! I love all of your thrift finds. Where do you put it all? I'd love to see all of your collections in place in your house.

  3. Cute bunting Sarah, and I LOVE those lamps!!

  4. That bee is awesome! I can think of a few cute ideas to use something like that in.
    Those lamps are gorgeous! I have to lock the door if I want to shower alone. My kids LOVE water!

  5. So cute the Be Mine bunting! And I love that you ended up using two polka dot fabrics!

  6. Love your bunting Sarah! I need to make one soon too -- thinking I'll probably use paper though for a quick fix!

  7. All your projects and thrift finds are so inspiring! And I'm glad I'm not the only one snoozing a little at the PBS Jane Austen movies. I love them, but they are SO long.

  8. Your bunting looks great and those lamps! Gorgeous! I'd be dancing a round a bit if I found those while thrifting. :)

  9. I am loving those lamps...and that bunting! You seriously need your own crafting show...where do you get the ideas to keep pumping out new creations??

    Love it all!!

  10. Love, love,love the lamps- so sweet. Glad to read you're all getting back in the pink!
    I've been taping the pbs- Jane Austin movies. Love them - but can't seem to watch them all in one sitting.

  11. Those lamps are so pretty!

    Glad you guys are starting to feel better around there!

  12. oh man that bunting is seriously awesome!

  13. I'm glad you've hidden those lamps because lamp accidents sound super tragic.

    I want to watch Becoming Jane!

  14. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. I love the Bee idea for Valentine's Day. The trick is to remember for next year, right??
    The lamps are wonderful, too.


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