Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And more - the nutcracker

(Some of you asked but your accounts are set to no reply - Jack was released by ortho on New Years eve. I think the final verdict is stress fracture to the tibia from rapid growth and running. He has grown a little more than 4 inches since June.)

 I had worked So stinking hard to earn the money to get us to the nutcracker this year - selling allll the things on ebay. And then grant had to have surgery four days before and a new cast the day before! We didn't wear our fanciest clothes, or have a fancy lunch, but we made it, and that was a victory.
 Man, the sets and costumes were an absolute confectionary dream. So perfect.
 We all enjoyed it.
Grant quickly started trying to write with his left hand at school, the teacher sent me this text. Kids are resilient at least!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Well then.

Everything was falling apart leading up to Christmas. Dave was travelling a lot, there was so much to do, I had a BIG injury to my leg that was now three months and my ability to walk was getting very limited and then wham!

 Grant fell on the playground at school. I had laid down to take a nap after doing a load of laundry (which is how I didn't hear the first call - the washer), then I ignored the second call because the pest control guy was coming. I slept for about an hour and when I woke up all the phones, texts, messages etc had completely blown up (my cell had been in the car charging). 

He broke the head off his humerus and required emergency surgery. Three pins and one nerve untangling later we were back home, but with a kid in in intense pain and with a huge cast on his right arm leaving him completely unable to do even the smallest things (or bathe or wash his hands!). 

He is currently in cast number three, and working on some independence, but this is a very long road as we still have one more cast to come in another two weeks.

I have never been away from the blog this long, but I had a complete breakdown from the general state of life. I just could NOT push on any longer. I couldn't make any decisions (and there are a million that needed to be made every five minutes) and I could not get my crap together. Cue Total hysterical crying for weeks. It wasn't just Grant getting hurt. I really thought with all the kids in school the pace of life would slow. Instead it just seems to keep ramping up.

I am still thinking about how to manage all of that. I have no good plan. I did farm out the grocery shopping, but man, all the obligations.

Anyway. I am going to do a HUGE dump of all the things I want to get on this blog. I have pondered giving up the old blog, but *I* come back here often. I look things up to see what we did when, what the kids were doing when, what I bought where. I like the ease of Instagram but unless I went private it wouldn't really serve the same purpose because the environment there is just different.

 In the pre xmas madness I bought a huge bag of ornaments just to get this one - an indian headdress, so interesting!
 This trade war, or war on immigration, or whatever it is, has really affected the price and availability of food here in the middle.
 I had been trying (before the broken arm) to sit and do some quiet mindful sewing before the holidays. I made a bunch of felt ornaments. I think this is only half of them but I can barely remember actually. (Why didn't I transfer the other photos? hmmm)
 Having a broken wing is exhausting. He also stopped sleeping through the night.
 Sam and I noticed that we could see each snowflake in her hair one morning at the bus.
 This pic is still on my fridge. It's weird because every time I see it I think of it as just before the shit hit the fan. Sam is very much of the verge of not believing anymore. This santa was just so great with the kids. He really talked with them and when they walked away She said to me, "mom! He said to clean up my messy room! He is real, the elf told him what a mess it is!"   Even then that was just balm to my soul.
 For our wedding anniversary Dave bought me a 6 foot feather tree I found on facebook. At first I wasn't sure I liked it (oy) because someone has painted it and the paint VERY ANNOYINGLY flakes off. But it was lovely. I used old heavy tinsel on it. I need to deal with that paint issue this spring.
 Dave was out of town during the vintage holiday show. I had to rush all over town rounding up all the child care and I finally got myself there an hour before it closed. It was really disappointing! Loaded with crafts (made with old tires??) and other pinterest crap. I did buy that little tree and a box full of these santa dudes though.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Historic Christmas time again

 Time for the santa parade again!

 The reindeer ears really helped get the kids noticed.

 Grant is still in love with santa lucia.

And of course we had to take our pictures with the reindeer flight instructor! He promised the kids they will get their turn to fly very soon!

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Well then.

 I think it's pretty safe to say I am just not feeling that into life lately. I am finding it hard to care about any of it really. I cook, I clean, I taxi the kids every where, we visit doctors, I cook and clean more and more.  That's about the jist of it really.

I thrifted this pretty great quilt. I do mostly manage to get to the thrift once a week.

 We've had a couple of early snow events.
 The cat and I have watched the ENTIRE Gilmore girls.
 One of the fronts was AMAZING as it was rolling in.
 It gave the kids their first snow day this year.
 I sold a ton of ornaments off as I was putting up the tree.
 We saw the orthopedist again. Inside that circle is the great unknown in Jack's tibia.  When we went a month ago he said it could be cancer. That pretty much sucked all the life out of me. It was a very long month. It's impossible to do ANYTHING when you think your kid could have cancer. Every single thing seemed loaded with *what if*. And yet still I had to go on. More cooking and cleaning and endless responsibilities.  We went back the day before thanksgiving. Jack still has some pain there. He is still on restrictions from activities. The dr now says he thinks it looks like a normal "healing" bone, but if there is still pain in January we need a lot more tests. Yesterday we did a lot of walking and there was some complaining of pain. I guess I SHOULD be relieved after the last visit. But am I? Not really. It all still feels a lot like a big *what if*.  (Particularly since as far as we all know there was no injury.)
So, there ya have it I suppose.

That and a big bunch of birds.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Flea Market Finds

 The flea market is definitely winding down for the year. It's always a bummer to see it go.  I picked up a few more putz houses (I am working on filling a BIG tree this year!), some old stockings and a quilt.

 She actually signed it!
 At a yard sale I picked up a HUGE lot of hankies, a few tablecloths, some feedsacks and a few holiday odds and ends.  Those are nearly over now too.
And our big tree finally made it's big show before the rain and wind stripped it bare for the year.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Twin toothless and more

Jack has been limping for two weeks. We had to make an unexpected trip to the ortho two days before Halloween, which resulted in some rather (upsetting) and unexpected news.  Now we have to wait until thanksgiving for the next x-ray to be sure of what's going on there.

The day before Halloween I made 22 of these pumpkins with the second graders. First, they did not take 5 minutes for 95% of the class. LOL  They are cute though, and I hope the parents enjoyed them.
And! We currently have toothless twins, or not twins. They are so cute with their matching gap toothed smiles.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Halloween, the end

 One baseball player (at the very last minute);
 One Pikachu;
 And one Morelull (another pokemon character).

After taking the first pictures I super, super, super stuffed it, she liked it better that way.