Wednesday, July 08, 2020

More than a feeling, more than a month

 Somehow it’s been more than a month again. We celebrated Father’s Day, have been swimming, managed to see some fireworks from our car in the parking lot of a store, jack had oral surgery and has yet again restarted orthodontia, we continue to rearrange areas of the basement trying to make it function better As work, play and hang out space for the long haul, and we adopted two kittens! The kittens have really brought much needed joy right now. They are called bolt and Cheerio.

I decorated the porch for the Fourth of July this year too.

Mostly things are the status quo. We stay at home nearly all the time, although I did get Sam a hair cut (we were the only ones in there and we all wore masks), and we went to the library (again, it was very empty and everyone masked).

As soon as things started to reopen viral cases surged like crazy and numbers are higher than ever. Everyone is starting to talk about school reopening, and I have to say - even thinking about it feels like the early days when I was standing in total chaos in the middle of Costco wondering if the world was on fire. I want them to go to school - they want it and need it - but does it undo the last four months of staying home? Is it putting us all at extreme risk? Do I have the guts to put my kids on that bus? It’s causing sleepless nights. (Not to mention logistics - can they wear a mask all day? Where would we get enough substitutes? How risky is this for the teachers we love?) I keep seeing stories of mass spreader events like parties, and that puts the fear right back into the equation.

I think I’m doubtful we will go back right away anyway, and continue to hope a vaccine is imminent and will help us return to school. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

A month worth of ‘rona life

I wish these had loaded in  order, but it is what it is on this barely functional platform. 


Made things;

Worked a lot on tree house building;

Had the last day of “school”;

Grown a little and finished sophomore year (and started tutoring );

Grown things;

Discovered things (birds nest fungus); 

Had a birthday and Mother’s Day (GOD I MISS THE FLEA MARKET); 

Had buckets and buckets of rain;

Made more things; 

Grown a lot and finished first grade;

grown a lot and finished third grade; 

Bought a thing;

Made more things;

And more;

Watched bAby birds develop;

Organized a brand new seasonal theme - vintage camping;

Grown food! 

Bought another thing (itching to sew these); 

Built a better pool ladder and got the pool ready; 
Sewed another one million masks, had a few doctor visits (grant has a two month old cough that will not die - not covid), and had to juggle my mother who had a complete breakdown requiring a stay in behavioral health. 

The world has sort of reopened - masks required everywhere, some stores are open again, a million businesses declaring bankruptcy, every single errand takes hours to complete, there are still new cases every day, there is little hope school will return in the fall, everyone is constantly bitching and fighting about the mask wearing, armed people have stormed state government demanding their right to get haircuts, the cdc now says maybe we can’t get it from touching things, you still can’t buy tp if you are picky and Lysol scarce, we now have meat shortages from having to shut down processing plants, and more than you could ever even discuss in an entire day. Basically the shit show goes on. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Two months nearly

 I put my head down and made masks for a solid week. Hundreds of them I imagine. I’m out of elastic for now and frankly happy to be sewing other things. I am
About 35 shy of a personal goal I set for myself, and I would still like to reach that I think.
 Dave had a quarantine birthday. When I went to make the usual lime poke cake I discovered I had no sweetened condensed milk. I attempted to
Make it, made caramel on accident, went to Walgreens hoping they’d have a can so I could avoid waiting in a bread line, and found one last can in there on clearance,
 It’s rained a fair amount which makes for tough days.
I worked a little on a new decorating theme.

Dave started building the kids tree house (we had the supplies delivered).

I went in Walmart to buy groceries for the first time. It was weird. Like ohhhh I can make choices!

The US has over a million cases now. (Probably triple that since it’s impossible to get a test.) Despite not being on the decline things are scheduled to open Up on Monday. It’s been two months now. All the talk is the economy! The economy! It certainly is in the shitter, but what’s coming when everyone rushes out might be worse. Since everything for the kids is cancelled (no summer school, no summer camps, no swimming pools, etc) we will just be hanging close to home anyway. (Although maybe soon Dave will return to work?) there is some vaccine progress at Oxford, with optimistic talk
Of a vaccine by fall.

The kids are feeling plenty done with distance learning and I am feeling plenty done with overseeing it. They’ve decided we can stop on May 21, and we have fridays off now.

We ate lettuce from the garden for Dave’s birthday. The peas don’t seem to love the boxes but radishes and lettuces do. I planted more this week to start a second round. Soon it’ll be time to plant the peppers and tomatoes.

I’m off to pick my book back up for a bit since the sun is shining!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Some days you are able to just cruise along like this is no big deal.

And then there are others. Making masks is a weirdly emotional thing to do - sad, really.

People have started protesting. I get it, everyone feels like a sitting duck on both sides of the fence I suppose. I have no idea how businesses, or the economy, recover from this. Everything on tv Is one dire prediction after another. And then yesterday we ended up with a pretty massive pay cut. It’s hard not to panic at least a little. Everything is uncertain, you still can’t easily but so many things, and my own ability to make money has been shut down as well. I depend on that - not as income security, but as mental security that I can always make a buck if we need it.

So, that’s what this week has held. I need to sit with this financial thing a few days and get my head around it I suppose. If this doesn’t start to turn around soon it starts crushing dreams for next year too. Bleak thoughts.

We’ve had a little kerfluffle with jack about school work that he was apparently not completing. I have NEVER had to even think twice about jack and school, and that bugs too. I 1000% understand his attitude and reluctance, but here we are kid. All
Of us. And like most things in life, this just must be done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter in quarantine

Well, Easter was surely different, no? I set a pretty table just for us, and cooked the usual meal as best I could (ham, roast chicken, pea salad, deviled eggs, funeral potatoes, strawberry cake). The bunny left baskets, we dyed eggs (fewer than usual). We took bunny ear photos in our nice enough clothes. 

Because there was no visit to the bunny this year I ordered a costume at the last minute. It was stuck in New Jersey FOREVER and I feared it wouldn’t arrive, but then it did on Black Friday! The look on the kids faces when Dave came around the corner is one to remember for sure. It took the sting out of missing tradition to be sure. 

I made rabbits, maybe my best ones yet! 

We had an egg hunt, complete with gold coins, inside due to rain. 

There is a little less candy, but no ones really noticed. 

We skipped zooming into church, mainly bc I just wasn’t into it. I spent the time sewing ever more masks instead, and gathering up all the previous Easter bunny photos to make one album for them. (And discovering three are missing. Then I had to try and find the photos to order another copy.)