Monday, August 01, 2022


We’ve sort of done all of the things and none of the things this summer. We took the kids on vacation last week - hitting Chicago, Indians dunes national park and Michigan. 
Sam went for a week to sleep away camp for gifted kids - college for kids. She didn’t love it, but our school did away with fifth grade camp (so sad) and I really believe in tje benefits of sleep away camp. I’ll be sending grant next summer (and maybe she will chose to try again). They come back with a new appreciation for mom and so much more independence. 

We saw SUE at the field museum (so cool!).
We went to the air zoo in Michigan. 
We made over the kids rooms, moving Sam into jacks bigger room and jack to the smaller room in preparation for the move to college this month. It was a HUGE job and took a long time. We also gave grants room a little quickie makeover so he wasn’t left out. 

The need for speed…we saw the new top gun and jack was instantly possessed by the desire to fly a jet. (Same thing for all of us 80s kids - some things never change). 
We swam in tje cold, crystal clear water of Lake Michigan. 
Enjoyed sunsets. 
Saw Chicago from Indiana.

Visited cloud gate. 
Got a much more grown up purple room. 

Grew things. 

Installed vintage wallpaper which caused some home improvement rage from an exhausted mom. 

Ate ice cream. 

Grant got his braces off. 

Made a quilt for a new nephew. 

Had an epic, historic rainfall that caused insane flooding. 

Took messy headed selfies. 

Visited the Garfield conservatory. (Amazing!)

Took Sam to the gorgeous central library in St. Louis. 
Went to mitsua and enjoyed all things Japanese. 
Went to the hottest hottest hellfire baseball game ever. We lasted all of 20 mins, it had to have been 125 degrees in that sun. We have had a boiling hot summer. (And prior to the insane flood we had terrible drought. So many days over 100 degrees.) 
And Sam is so much taller than grant! No not twins anymore. She’s made it to 5 feet. 

Beyond that we’ve spent way too much time on screens and I’m definitely getting ready for the big yellow angel to arrive…

Sunday, June 12, 2022

The one where jack graduates

It’s been two weeks already. I only cried a little during the procession. All jack said was “well, I guess I did it.” Indeed you did kiddo. Despite pandemic and pandemic losses. 

This parenting gig is a wild ride. One day you have a ten year old who still is crying from disregulation and won’t even return a library book alone and the next he’s ready to March off to college. 

It became clear at some point in the last few years that jack is autistic (after years of playing is he or isn’t he with every therapist in town he said after watching a Netflix reality show - wow that’s me!) and it became very clear to me at some point that neurodivergent kids get there when they get there. They simply do not operate on an expectation timeline. Jack has worked very hard to overcome some obstacles and I really couldn’t be prouder bc in typical jack fashion he mostly does this on his own. He needs us for stability but not to push him through. Watching him do all the things! Senior sunrise, grad night, prom, get a job - has been a real joy (even though I know some of it has required real determination for him).

I am excited to see what comes next. (But also cautiously alert to all the pitfalls of autism + college ). Once a mom…